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Who We Are

In 2007 our Japanese Mother Company C.I. Takiron Corporation decided
to establish Bonlex Europe s.r.l. in Motta di Livenza (Treviso) in order
to give an immediate service and supply faster all the European market.

We are specialized in the industrial production, with very high customization,
of decorative film in R-PET, PET and PVC for the furniture sector, interior design
and for the caravan industry.

We stand out in the market for the quality of product, reliability, flexible and
market-oriented solutions and for the continuous research and development of
design always in step with trends.

We choose every day to be the best in quality and technology with particular attention to the environment.

Our Products

We are leader in the production of decorative films in R-PET, PET and PVC by Italian and Japanese production for the vertical coating of furniture.

Bonlex offers standard and customized products, from solid colours to wood printed, patterned or embossed available in different finishing
super gloss, 
high gloss, matt and supermatt.

In a time period where design rhymes with practicality and comfort, we developed a product that is smart, but at the same time functional and easy to clean.
Our EXMATT surfaces in PET and R-PET, thanks to a special treatment, distinguish themselves for the low gloss level, anti-bacterial and anti-fingerprint properties.

We can produce foils in different thicknesses and widths suitable for 1D, 2D, 3D applications.


Our PET foils are characterized by a pleasant aesthetic appearance and at the same time being resistant and functional thanks to the high superficial performances that our product offers.
Available in different levels of gloss and colours, reproducible by request.

Finishing available: High Gloss, Super Gloss, Matt, Supermatt.


Eco-friendly decorative film
obtained from PET recycled resins certified EUCERPLAST. It keeps the same features and performance of our PET films, but with respect for the environment and with a look at the future.

Finishing available: High Gloss, Matt, Supermatt.


Decorative film based on PVC available in a large range of solid colours, textures or wood printed effects. The surfaces can be smooth or embossed, high gloss or matt. Suitable for any application.

Finishing available: High Gloss, Matt.


Self-adhesive decorative film made in Japan for interior and exterior design of structures, furniture, elevators, hotels,
signs, vehicles and ships.
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Our History



    Launch of Brand “Bonlex” by C.I. KASEI Group


    August 2000

    Birth of C.I. KASEI Co. Ltd’s European Branch (actual C.I. Takiron Co. Ltd.) in Oderzo (TV)


    April 2007

    Birth of Company Bonlex Europe s.r.l. as we know it today (closing of the branch) and decision to establish the production in Italy by our Mother Company


    October 2007

    Bonlex office’s transfer from Oderzo (TV) to Motta di Livenza (TV)


    May 2008

    1st production of PVC in Bonlex Europe


    October 2008

    1st production of PET in Bonlex Europe


    April 2009

    Installation of the 2nd PET production line


    April 2017

    Bonlex Europe celebrates its 10th Anniversary and our Mother Company – C.I. Kasei Co. Ltd. – joins up with Takiron Co. Ltd. and becomes C.I. Takiron Co. Ltd.


    January 2019

    1st production of R-PET foil in Japan


    December 2019

    Installation of the 3rd PET production line


    January 2021

    1st production of R-PET foil in Italy


    May 2021

    1st Italian Edition of “Kaizen Taikai”.
    Kai=Change and Zen=Good is the continuous and gradual improvement of an activity in order to create more value and less waste.


    October 2021

    Opening of New Showroom in Via Dalmazia 26 (Motta di Livenza)


    the best is yet to come…


If you want to protect the environment, Bonlex is the perfect choice.

Bonlex is constantly committed to the research for sustainable and environmentally
friendly materials. We currently produce PET and recycled PET with the aim of arriving,
in the short future, in the production of only R-PET.

“Sustainability is not a choice, it is the future. And the future is our goal. "

We are committed every day in these fundamental aspects:

Use of recycled raw materials
Circular economy
Reduction of
co2 emissions
Efficiency in production
Energy management to reduce consumption
Continue research into the potential of plastic to create durable products that increasingly contribute to improving everyday life
Continuous research of new technologies for the improvement of production processes

R-PET quality and certifications

Bonlex is certified to confirm we use recycled and sustainable raw materials.

Quality: Bonlex guarantees its standard level of quality in products made
with R-PET.
Toxic substances: Formaldehyde, toluene and xylene are not used in production process.
European Certification RecyClass.

and about PVC ...

Bonlex Europe is also a member of PVC Forum Italia, an association that brings together the main companies of the Italian PVC supply chain.
The purpose is to provide correct information about the use of PVC and
its applications. Promote the collection and recycling of PVC garbage with
the aim of increasing the quantity and quality of recycled PVC from waste.
This is because in addition to the multiple advantages such as strength, versatility, cost-effectiveness and durability of this material, PVC is recyclable and can be recycled many times.




  • Reliability of Japanese brand recognized all over the world
  • Advanced quality control by a competent and attentive staff
  • Thirty years of Know-How
  • Internal laboratory for tests on the materials supplied
  • Development of colour matches and reproducibility by request
  • Stable quality of Bonlex enables to boost production yields and to avoid waste of material


  • Production both in Italy and Japan with direct delivery to customers
  • Fast deliveries in 8/10 weeks from Italy
  • Flexibility


  • Create durable and functional products
  • Innovation and Technology
  • Superior technology, realized by the pioneer of decorative surfacing materials, to respond to all kinds of requests
  • Development of avant-garde products to anticipate market trends

Our Philosophy

From the fusion between the unique style and originality of Made in Italy and the technical skills and the Japanese’s spirit of collaboration, we want to differentiate ourselves by creating a harmonious and avant-garde ambience. Harmony means that we can always work in compliance with social rules, collaborating with each other to contribute to the well-being and growth of the company.

"To produce in harmony with people, with the environment, thinking about the future"

Message From Management

The decision of our Mother Company – C.I. Kasei (current C.I. Takiron Co.,Ltd.) – to establish Bonlex Europe in Italy, and more precisely in Treviso area, arose by the fact that this area was – and still is – very important in the furniture manufacturing sector. This area is exactly in the middle of our working range and, in fact, C.I. Kasei wanted to be much closer to all of our European customers, in order to be able to offer a high-quality service and satisfy all their needs in real time. In addition to this, Italy is worldwide known as the country of design as much as Japan is famous for its front-line technology and the European market is very lively and stimulating for us: to satisfy its permanent needs for new designs and technology has always been a great challenge for our company. Quality and Delivery are two fundamental factors which we emphasize in our business. And customers’ satisfaction has always been one of our first priorities. For these reasons, the establishment of a basepoint in Europe and the transfer from Japan was necessary to satisfy the customers. Besides, our activity is based on “KAIZEN”, which is continuous improvement, and research for new technologies and development of new products. In addition, we put special attention on the training and education of our Staff to share gladness of all stakeholders. We would like to always rise them to this ambitious challenge.

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